Why Donate and Go Travel

We help you combine LUXURY Travel with Domestic PHILANTHROPY and International VOLUNTEERISM

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International VOLUNTEERISM

24 Months to Travel from the Date of Booking

Whether you are looking at Italy, France, , Spain, Costa Rica or virtually anywhere in Europe, we can find a destination for you. Call us direct for more information.

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If you want to plan a vacation that has old world charm, includes an opportunity to give back to your own community and the community you are traveling too, and if want to explore the human-side of your destination, this may be your next vacation!
We serve small group individual travelers that want to travel with family and friends, and nonprofits across the country that conduct fundraising activities.
Fundraising Events

Website, Silent or Live Auction Fundraising

Partnering with Donate and Go Travel can help you earn up to $1,000 per trip sold in addition to your auction proceeds, how can it get any better? Here's how, your donors will experience a luxury vacation with true immersion into the culture by connecting, listening, sharing a meal together and supporting those in their chosen destination.

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Group and Retreat Travel

Small Group and Retreat Travel

No need to wait for the next fundraising event to come around, you can donate and go today. With Donate and Go Travel, all you have to do is chose your destination and your dates, we'll make a donation in your name to your favorite charity, then you and your group can GO Travel!

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Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteer experiences abound in Europe, from feeding the hungry to talking and teaching English, and everything in between. Once you choose your destination and travel dates, we'll give you a list of options with full or half day community opportunities.

New volunteer and service opportunities are always being added, so check back or call us direct if there’s something specific you’d like to do!

Teaching English
Feeding the Hungry
Community Renovation

Meet the Team

Meet the people that are going to make your next vacation the most memorable yet.
Kristy Judd
Kristy Judd

CFO, Co-Founder

Kristy Judd, President/CEO, joined Metro Volunteers/Spark the Change in Jan. 2008 after eleven years at The Colorado Mountain Club.

Kristy is known for her intuitive ability to pull together diverse constituencies in finding common ground and developing relevant, targeted programming to address pressing community concerns. She has led numerous community initiatives including managing the disaster recovery from Colorado’s 2012 fires and 2013 floods.

Kristy has been an officer for numerous boards including the Directors of Volunteers in Agencies, Scientific and Cultural Collaborative, Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Colorado Volunteer Center Network, Faith Lutheran Church and the Denver Office of Strategic Partners Commission. She is currently serving on the Governor’s Commission on Service – Serve Colorado. 

She is from North Dakota, graduating from North Dakota State University, home of the Thundering Herd!

    Shelly St John
    Shelly St John

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Shelly St John is founder of Shelly St John Inspires, The Auction Divas and Co-Founder of Donate and Go Travel.

    She is a keynote speaker, speaker performance coach and fundraising auctioneer working to help people build their businesses and attract new clients and donors through her programs. Having appeared as a Speaker, Emcee, and Auctioneer at over 1000 events, Shelly is no stranger to the stage.

    As an entrepreneur who spent 20 years in her own marketing firm and 13 years as a fundraising auctioneer, Shelly has spent her lifetime learning how to read an audience and to influence the way they react. Her focus is train speakers to CONNECT with each audience (large or small) in order to help their listeners to make decisions and take action.  

    “Understanding our audiences on a core level helps us identify why each person is in front of us; why they care about what we ’re talking about; and why they don’t — these are the key factors in crushing our pitches, presentations, TED Talks, and video performances.”

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